welcome to the world of coodo

(A modular home that redefines the term “modular homes”)

Closeness to nature, community, love. Nothing less coodo wants to be. A place that amazes because it harmoniously combines the special and the possibilities it offers with efficiency, state-of-the-art technology and exclusive brand partner integration.

Whether on rooftops in the city, on pontoons by a river, on beaches, in the mountains or in the forest, anywhere where the crowds are not and nothing disturbs the beauty of the moment. There is the perfect place for coodo.

coodo is not just a house. It is the most beautiful and smallest unit of a social, ecological and economic universe that you can help to shape according to your wishes and needs: your new way of living and being.

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models: coodo planet system

They are building blocks that are part of something bigger and can grow into something bigger. They offer as much space as necessary and possible. They are as mobile as their users and just as flexible, adapting unconditionally to human needs and changing climatic and urban conditions. If the coodo is not used permanently by itself, it can be shared and rented out. Everyone can participate, own shares, enjoy the freedom of being at home anywhere.


In their design, the coodo models “sun”, “moon” and “earth” are the trend-setting further development of “organic architecture”, which aims at a harmony between building and landscape and is oriented towards organic forms of nature. With a bit of retro and a bit of spaceship look, the coodo design succeeds in connecting the past and the future.


The complete glazing of the front connects nature with the interior. With its typically organic shape, the coodo itself blends harmoniously into the landscape, becoming part of it. The curved, organic continues in the interior design, kitchens, bathrooms, terraces. There are no edges and sharp corners to bump into.

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coodo eternity – the new sustainability

coodo vision: Let’s create social and ecological universes!

Our vision is bigger than a house: For us it is – “eternity“, the new level of sustainability that comprises of social, ecological and economical factors. These factors are derived from design, material, participation, togetherness, sharing, ownership and many others that give power to the people.

to coodo

[ kuu·duu ]

coodo is a verb. The idea behind coodo is to do something valuable and worthy: to self-grow and for your community. The brand „coodo“ is something you DO.

the coodo (noun):
a small uniquely designed ecologically sound house that serves to live, form community and create financial gain.

to coodo (verb):
an attitude that allows you to fully live your idea of happiness based on building community, respecting nature, one’s inner self

How do you imagine the future? Do you sometimes have this uneasy feeling that you are not doing enough – for climate protection, against social injustice? The universe is important to us. Here are a few suggestions on how you can make a small but important contribution with us – for you, for others, for everyone.

coodo is around you

everyone ca be a hotelier

It’s all about fun

our satellites – our brand partners


coodo universe

Finally traveling again! The main thing is to get out! Experience something!
Whether short-, long- or medium-distance – the journey is the destination and the destination should open up possibilities: for communication, relaxation, adventure, happiness, excursions into the unknown, experiences and adventures. A return to the familiar is possible, but after the reset in 2020/21 one is more open for a real new beginning.

How would it be if this new beginning was marked by a completely new type of travel product? Like a drumbeat that brings everyone out of their slumber, surprises them and carries them away. Above all, in selected beautiful places on earth, by the sea, by the river, in the mountains, in the city, new destinations are now emerging in the midst of the most beautiful nature, in seclusion or in communicative proximity to others. coodo universe

“coodo universe stands for an innovative form of vacation that offers both individuality and community. It is close to nature, sustainable and meets high demands on design and the latest technology.”

Klaus Gengenbach
Head of Advisory Board Open World Residences

“The EDEN initiative at the DLR Institute of Space Systems is particularly interested in brand cooperations in which the new plant cultivation systems can be used and further developed for independent food production. As with our research greenhouse EDEN ISS, which is currently active in the Antarctic (near the German Neumayer Station III), we see the cooperation with coodo as an opportunity to adapt our research to terrestrial applications so that people all over the world – regardless of the environment – have access to fresh food. “

Dr. Daniel Schubert
DLR, Team Leader EDEN Initiative

SieMatic has been developing and manufacturing timelessly elegant kitchen solutions tailored to the diverse wishes, demands and desires of users all over the world for over 90 years. Today, we are represented in over 70 countries worldwide and design kitchen dreams for very different living situations and room sizes. Working with the specialists from coodo to realize highly sophisticated, smart solutions for mobile living in a compact space is particularly appealing to our architects and planners. We are very pleased about the cooperation and the joint coodos.

Hanjo Runde
CEO SieMatic