coodo solar system

Lifestyles are evolving and changing over time, and while we want to be close to everything we care about, we also want to have our space and privacy. The solution to this is the coodo.

It is mobile, modular and multifunctional. It is beautiful inside and out and unites its unique and forward-looking design with sustainable features and materials that ensure a high degree of comfort and enjoyment. It’s construciton and placement in nature have a minimal impact on the environment, and it can be removed again, without leaving a trace..

The models are called sun, moon and earth and differ in size and equipment which start from pure, with bathroom, with kitchen, with furniture or fabulous – an individual, exclusive interior design is included here. Everyone can put together their own individual coodo and benefit from the attractive special conditions offered by LTG lofts to go brand partners.

coodo life cycle model: coodo can be your individual living and vacation domicile, growing modularly and adapting to your personal life cycle:

From singles to couples, from couples to families and back to couples or singles.

future projects: 3D printed coodos, self sustainining units, double decker, flatpack, watercoodo …





A coodo travels with you wherever life may take you. Always with the same comfort and familiarity of your home.


The modular design allows you to expand your living space, whether there are five, two or just one of you.


Futuristic model or retro design, spaceship or cocoon? Both. coodo awakens associations and ideas. You decide what you want to see and feel. Let yourself be surprised by innovative design ideas while feeling at home.


Nothing lasts forever. Not even the coodo. coodos are part of a cycle, of produciton, use and deconstruction, just like in nature. It can be moved from one place to another, from one use to another, and after it is done, it can become part of something new. The coodo building materials are either 100% recyclable, or 100% reusable.


coodos are energy-optimized with the best insulation materials available, now including an internal layer of natural cork.

Discover the endless possibilities of coodo.


Sustainable, mobile, awesome! Whether café, bar, showroom, boutique, kiosk, office, gallery – the coodo is flexible. Various adaptation options allow the eventcoodo to become almost anything as needed. The modular connection of the individual units allows the space to be flexibly expanded or reduced with little effort, so that it can be furnished according to use and audience without losing the beauty of the space.

the modules in detail


Currently, there are four locations where we manufacture our coodos: Estonia, USA, UAE and Portugal. Estonia is specialized in the production of the coodo earth (terrace) according to the regulations for Germany and Scandinavia.

The UAE and the USA specialize in the coodo moon ‘steel’ versions, and our factory in Portugal manufactures both the coodo moon and coodo sun in the ‘cork’ versions. If you send us the specifications for your own country of residence, we can customise the coodo to fulfill those requirements.

The coodo sun is available in various size dimensions, and up to three modules can be connected for a maximum overall space of about 150 square meters.

It is also possible to add an additional pergola to the mix. Thus, the interior space is once again expanded by an attractive outdoor area. The floor of the pergola is made of solid wooden boards and the walls and ceiling are covered with beams. You can choose between Siberian larch, oak or teak. These types of wood are known to withstand adverse weather conditions very well.

The coodo sun’s cladding is of natural fir or pine wood, sourced from sustainable European timber farms. Depending on the model, the walls are between 30 and 40cm thick, and contain the structural and insulating elements, plumbing and wiring, and the cork, in the Portuguese Versions.

A coodo front consists of a durable aluminum frame with a choice of double or triple glazed windows and doors. This gives you an unobstructed view of nature. The prices for our coodo models are now published on our contact form, subject to change and customization.


The coodo moon is the firstborn of all coodos. The coodo moon delights us human earthlings with its spacey shape and bright white surface. It can also add a beautiful pergola, which extends the living space with a shaded outdoor area.

The moon from the UAE and the USA are made of a ‘steel’ structure with wood in the core and an extremely light coating of a patented composite, that keeps the overall weight of the coodo to a minimum.

The composite material of the façade allows for maximum heat and sound insulation and also ensures durability. The wall cladding is double planked and is made of sheetrock/gypsum board/OSB (against moisture).

The floor has electric underfloor heating, above it is a laminate or other design covering (CV coating), and both floor and ceiling are highly insulated for more efficiency. Take a look at the ‘cork’ versions for super extra comfort.

coodos have a lot of options and customization opportunities. For detailed specifications and a project proposal, please use our contact form with your ideas.


The façade of our coodo earth, like that of its star, coodo sun, is made of farmed fir or pine wood, from sustainably managed suppliers. The approx. 40 cm thick wall is filled with 30 cm rock wool and Cembrit Windstopper Extreme, which ensures a high level of thermal insulation as well as long-term stability and durability. The load-bearing structure is made of extra strong structural timber, which can easily withstand a snow load of 2 kN/m2. A coodo front consists of a durable aluminum frame with double or triple glazed windows and doors – depending on your choice.

Unlike the coodo sun, the earth has an integrated terrace which offers a nice sheltered outdoor seating area. The earth is available in sizes of 36 and 60 sqm.

coodo earth is manufactured according to the specifications for Germany and Scandinavia. If we have the specifications of your country, we can customize your coodo.

coodo interior

As individual as the owner. At coodo, everyone gets what she or he needs and wants: The “pure” version, which you can outfit to your own desires, the “bathroom” version (with bath) with creature comforts included, and the “kitchen” model (with bathroom and kitchen), ready to be lived and entertained in.

Our licensees will also be happy to assist you with all your furnishing and fixture needs and wishes.  Or you can simply make it “fabulous”: a professoinal interior designer creates an exclusive individual coodo interior, just for you.

our satellites – our brand partners

Just as satellites orbit the earth and other planets in space, brands are important satellites, partners for coodo. In the coodo universe, they can shine and show what they got. They get a place to present themselves and can grow their brand.