Our satellites –
our brand partners

Just like satellites in space, the coodo brands are important “companions” for us. In coodo, they can shine and show what they’ve got. They get a place to present themselves and can multiply on their brand promise and vision.

The consistent integration of exclusive brands with their innovative products is one of the core themes of coodo: a win-win for all involved. First of all is the coodo customer, who can furnish his coodo to the highest quality standards with the cooperating brand products. Whether it’s a faucet, lamp, glacing, furniture, air filters or much more, everything that maximizes comfort and fun in the coodo can be selected at up to 70% discounted prices. All products are state-of-the-art design or technology or are new launches of products that are not yet available in the market, but can already be viewed and enjoyed in a coodo.


The coodo brand partners such as Schüco, Bosch, SieMatic, LAUFEN, Lampenwelt, Jäger direkt, DLR and many others were selected in a long process to perfect our coodo planets. They make the coodo world more beautiful and give it unique accents and assets. In turn, the brands are happy to have found such a beautiful partner as coodo, with whom they can now go on an adventure – out into the world, where people can admire their beauty and experience their qualities live. In this way, the brands come into direct contact with people, their future friends and customers, millions of times over. They gain new followers, buyers and target groups. These create added value for them and enchances their brand with life and authenticity.

And coodo? coodo simply wants to inspire. In its pure version as a sustainable design modular house, but which also has a lot of beauty to offer inside: the high-quality kitchens with their organic shapes by SieMatic, an absolute design sensation! The well formed bathroom fittings by LAUFEN and sliding doors by Schüco showcases great and innovative German quality, which make the view out of the coodo into nature even more beautiful … So every stay in coodo also becomes a journey into the world of selected brands. Thanks to all the superbrands that surround and enrich the coodo to date.
What’s next? We are currently talking to even more brands, designers and innovators. Do you have any suggestions for who else should go on the road with coodo? We are looking forward to it.

Kitchens as individual as you.

Kitchens are much more than the heart of apartments and houses. Based on this vision, SieMatic has been developing and manufacturing timeless kitchen solutions for over 90 years. High-quality materials paired with many years of expertise is how individual kitchens are created precisely to tailor to the needs of their users, regardless of budget and room size. Today SieMatic kitchens are available from more than 400 competent and experienced sales partners in over 70 countries worldwide. They are always planned and individually manufactured for the individual customer. No SieMatic is like the next.

The accent line kitchen range from Bosch offers premium home appliances for a high-quality and modern fitted kitchen that meets the highest demands. Ensure perfect results when cooking and baking with intelligent sensor technology. Use Bosch accent line appliances to check if there’s enough butter left in the fridge for your favorite cake while on the go with Home Connect. The Bosch accent line offers you modern appliances with excellent design for equipping your dream kitchen with all the refinements of technology. Cook and bake at the highest level, with the best possible support from Bosch.

The personality of the Swiss brand LAUFEN reflects a symbiosis of design, quality and functionality. LAUFEN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers with a global distribution network.

Functional and well thought-out lighting concepts are the result of our professional lighting designers. They use the highest standards of design and the latest software tools to calculate and present these designs. Light is the source of all life and so it is important to create a symbiosis between effective use and maximum well-being with every use of artificial light. In this respect, each lighting concept is adapted to individual needs and areas of application. By combining years of experience and manufacturer-independent planning options, we put every project in the right light.


Construction industry start-up
Since 2012, Stop Digging, a Swedish company founded by Kim Olsson and Håkan Liljekvist has offered a clean, cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to conventional concrete foundations. They shared a vision of a simpler and smarter way of using helical ground screws to replace concrete underpinning for many structures. Based in Helsingborg but working worldwide, Stop Digging has grown step by step to be the market leader in delivering and installing ground screws.

coodos are the greenhouses of the future: With the new system from the DLR research group EDEN, many plants can be grown in a closed control loop using the most modern CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) technologies. This means that the guests of the coodo universe have daily access to fresh products.

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories. Driven by energy-efficiency and the willingness to take responsibility for the environment.