coodo sun: Unique modular house design for your individual lifestyle

Experience coodo sun, a modular home with a fascinating design and elegant curves that will immediately captivate you.

Whether you are looking for a stylish home with bathroom and kitchen or a flexible space for business activities such as offices, exhibitions or hospitality, a coodo adapts to your needs. With different sizes available, it offers the ideal solution for your individual requirements. Experience the perfect symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality in the coodo sun and design your future according to your ideas.

Versatile in use

coodos serve as homes, offices and event spaces. Adaptable for private individuals, offices and a variety of event purposes.

Mobility & Transportation

Compact and lightweight, coodos are easy to move. Perfect for flexible living situations, office changes and events.


Flexibility made to measure

“coodo sun” – pure flexibility: size and equipment can be customized. The perfect solution for your requirements.

Living at coodo – quality meets design

Living at coodo means experiencing quality and design in perfect harmony. Our modular units offer individual, high-quality living solutions that fit seamlessly into any environment. With carefully selected materials and innovative design, we create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable home. Whether you are looking for a temporary place to stay or a permanent living space, coodo offers flexibility, style and modern living comfort. Welcome to your coodo world, where your dream home comes true.

Possible uses

Discover the extraordinary versatility and numerous application possibilities of our extensive modular house range. Whether for business purposes such as office buildings, events, marketing campaigns or for use in the hotel industry, or for private residential use – our innovative modular houses impress with their flexibility and can achieve great things, entirely according to the individual needs and wishes of our customers. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our modular buildings and experience the impressive symbiosis of modern design, high functionality and sustainable construction, which can be tailored to any requirement. Discover the perfect solution for your specific requirements and be inspired by the variety and possibilities of our modular homes – shape your future with our modularly designed spaces and bring your visions to life successfully and efficiently.

Modular living



all-in-one-solution: the coodo appliance

monitoring / control / adaption of all sensors + actuators in one smartphone app

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control blinds, shutters


control entertainment (TV, speakers, music, streaming etc.)


control sockets


control state of windows + doors


enable + control access via coodo app incl. 3rd-party-access


control smoke detector


control lights (incl. dimming)

Combine several modules to create your modular room.

Turn your vision into reality with the coodo sun. Take advantage of the flexibility of several modules and create unique modular landscapes that perfectly reflect your individual needs.

Additional pergola

The optional pergola extends your coodo home out into nature. It creates an enchanting outdoor area that invites you to linger and makes your living space even more attractive.

Double module

Two coodos combined, they unfold their true greatness and give you a home in which there is room for all your dreams.

Calculate the price of your coodo

Interested in a customized coodo modular house? Use our contact form to configure your dream home. Select the features, size and more to receive a non-binding price immediately. After your request, our team will contact you for a customized quote. Start now and design your perfect coodo modular home!