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10 steps to a coodo

You have decided to buy a coodo or would like to become (part) owner of a coodo universe? Then these 10 steps will help you with your planning. Note that you always order your coodo directly from the coodo licensees in North America, Australia, UAE, the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland or from the coodo productions in Germany, Denmark, Estonia, UAE and the USA.

1. building authority

Contact your local building authority and tell them about your plan to erect a coodo, e.g. in your garden. During the preliminary building application (step 1), the building office can give you a first general answer if and how your project can be realized. In this case you will need some pictures of the coodo and a general project description. If the response is positive, the building office will give you more information about the exact plans and drawings you need to submit in step 2 to get an official building permit.

2. architect

Choose a local architect who will properly design the coodo according to the requirements of the local building authority’s requirements. The architect can also be the contact person who will be in direct contact with the building authority throughout the process.

3. land

Plan your land right. The local architect will plan where exactly the coodo will be placed and how the coodo will be connected to water/sewer, electricity and heating. Your licensee will provide you with installation instructions

4. foundation

coodo does not want to damage nature and wants to remain mobile. For this reason, LTG recommends a screw foundation instead of a conventional foundation. They function like a  concrete base, only better. A modern and cost-effective solution for your coodo project.

5. financing

There are various financing options depending on the region, do contact your licensee for more information.

6. building permit

Get the official building permit. Now it‘s time to send the required information to the local building authority and wait for the official building permit.

7. order

Once you have received the building permit, your order can be placed. The sales contract will be signed between the licensee and the client. The contract also includes the production time and delivery date. coodos are manufactured in serial production. The production time depends on your specific order and the model. Production takes approximately between 3 to 5 months.

8. transport

Now it is time to plan the transport from the production site to your site. Your licensee can assist in organising transportation. The transport companies will plan the best route and time for the delivery of your coodo.

9. crane

On the day of delivery, a crane must be available on the site to lift the coodo from the transporter onto the foundation. Your licensee will provide you with the specification of the crane model in advance so that your on-site architect can organize the crane to be available on the site in time.

10. assembly

After your coodo has been placed on the foundation, the assembly can begin and the coodo can be connected. You licensee may provided assembly services for your coodo.











Your investment

10-20 years

Your parents buy you a coodo worth €150,000 to lay the foundation for a secure, successful future. At the age of 20, you have earned 700,000 € with your coodo!

20-30 years

From your coodo assets you buy 5 of your own coodos, which go directly into the rental, so you earn an approximate return of about 1.75 million € in the next 10 years

30-40 years

From this accumulated income you buy 12 coodos after 10 years. And wow, the yield in the next 10 years increases to approx. 6 million €.

40-50 years

Now you are ready! You buy your first own coodo universe. In the next 10 years the yield rises to about 20 Mio €.

50-60 years

And now? You buy 4 universe rhythm and in 10 years you have reached an incredible yield of 66,5 Mio €.

60-70 years

You now have 633 coodos with 221 Mio € earnings – this is a great retirement plan.


Your parents invest the money in the bank, at 1.5% (currently 0.5% interest).

Note: all data without guarantee, our calculation was based on an occupancy of 300 nights per year at an overnight rate of EUR 150 throughout. But: even if we assume an occupancy of 100 nights at a rate of EUR 50, your bank can still pack up. Everyone SHOULD be a hotelier!