coodo universe

A coodo resort, we call it universe, starts with a coodo. It can be a sun, a moon or an earth. The coodo universe “private”, a coodo, can stand in your own garden, be used by yourself or be rented out within the framework of the tokenisation platform OWR – this way, everyone can become a hotelier and earn a return on their investment. The coodo universes “friends”, “flow”, “beat” and “rhythm” also work according to this principle. The special feature of the “friends” universe is that only 19 “buyers”, friends, like-minded people have to get together, and then the twentieth coodo is a free friendship gift on top.

Unique resorts with star system from * to ***** stars. These describe the size and facilities of the universe, for example, with reception, sports facilities, saunas and restaurants.

sun, moon and earth are the planets, the coodo models that can make up a universe. Only suns, only moons, only earths or all planets: Sun, moon and earth – nicely mixed.


It can be located in a backyard, in your own garden or on the leased property around the corner. The coodo universe private is the smallest unit in the coodo universe, with which a individual woman, man or family can become a hotelier, if the coodo is not to be used by the owner. Small with a big impact. Like the larger coodo universes, the “private” is also advertised in our communications on request and offered to guests from all over the world.

1 planet


Sharing beautiful things with friends. That is the coodo universe friends. 20 coodo planets are ordered and delivered – and you get one of the 20 planets for free as a friendship gift. That’s the deal. Here like-minded people can come together, create a private meeting place for the beautiful moments in the now – or a comfortable and communicative form of living in your old age. Until then, the “universe friends” may be rented out as part of the coodo community and be a profitable investment object.

19+1 planets


Less is the new more. It is retreat, silence, focus on health, wellness, reduction of stress. In the coodo universe flow, all planets are equipped with kitchens that make self-catering possible. A fine offer of health and wellness services like mobile massages or cosmetic treatments complete the flow universes for couples and singles in most beautiful nature. Flow” is also being promoted as part of coodo communication and publicized as a tourist product.

10-20 planets


Here people come together who want to relax and take a little time out. There are gastronomic offers in the surrounding area or you can use the self-snackeria, which is housed in a coodo and provides fresh, local dishes every day. Or you can cook yourself with the small coodo-kitchenette. Outside is a barbecue area, excursion destinations are accessible by bike or on foot. Or you can go to the coodo fitness box for a little workout. Here you can stay for yourself or seek the company of others like in a small vacation club. Like all universes, the “beat” is integrated into the coodo communication and promoted as a vacation destination.

20-50 planets


“Rhythm is a Dancer…” – in the coodo universe rhythm there’s always something going on… The rhythm offers with from a number of 50 and more planets all options for activity, wellness, community and recreation. New technologies can be tested in e-parks, e-bikes are available for excursions, sauna-coodo and wellbeing offers for relaxation. In coodo-outdoor kitchens you can cook with celebrity chefs, hole up on the nearby golf course. For outdoor activities such as SUP, tennis, etc. there are offers or cooperations with local providers. Snacks and menus can be enjoyed in the on-site re-staurant. Like its smaller sisters “flow” and “beat”, the universe rhythm is the blueprint for a tourism product that offers a new kind of living experience with the highest level of technical and sustainable comfort and makes it possible to experience nature directly.

50+ planets

coodo universe

  • The planning phase is currently for 75-80 coodos from Danish production 
  • next to the project there is an 18-hole golf course, which we do not operate, but with which we cooperate
  • we are building a community center with stores, restaurant, café including a reception desk
  • Operations coodo universe: March 1, 2022 plan


The following coodo universes are being planned:
  • Namibia
  • Costa Rica
  • Canada
  • USA
  • The Netherlands
  • Austria
  • all in 2022/23