For what purposes can a coodo be used?

coodo can be used for almost any project: whether as a main residence, second home, an investment in a coodo universe or as an extension of an existing building, e.g. as an additional bedroom, children’s room or as an innovative office or co-working space. coodos are also suitable as mobile showrooms or pop-up stores, as coodos are often flexible and modules can be added as required.

Is it possible to visit a coodo?

This is possible at any time. Please feel free to contact us so we can arrange a visit to one of our showrooms.

What are the prices for the coodo models?

Prices vary depending on which model—sun, moon or earth, etc.—and which features you choose. Please fill in the contact form on our website and we can contact the licensee for your region to contact you about pricing. Prices start at around 2000 € per square metre.

What financing options are available when buying a coodo?

There are various financing options depending on the region, do contact your licensee for more information.

How long does it take to get my coodo?

This depends on the version and production. Your licensee can give you a clearer answer.

To which countries will the coodo be delivered?

As we have production facilities in Germany, Denmark, Ajman and the USA, we can deliver coodos almost worldwide.

Do I need a building permit for a coodo?

Generally for almost every kind of building project you need at least a simple building permit. For questions about your project’s permit requirements, it’s best to contact your local building department. There you must first submit a preliminary building application. A picture of the product and a short project description are usually sufficient for this. If there is a “green light” for your project, you can submit the official building application. This will require specific permits for building, plumbing and electrical plans. Feel free to contact us or your local coodo licensee with any questions.

What are the first steps when I decide to buy a coodo?

We have summarized the first 10 important steps on our website https://www.coodo.com/stairway-to-the-sky/. For more info, feel free to call us or fill out our contact form https://www.coodo.com/contact/.

Who can support me in planning my coodo project?

We are happy to answer your initial questions and will forward your request to the appropriate licensee who can provide you and your architect with relevant information during the planning phase when it comes to foundations, assembly, technical issues and permits.


Does coodo need a foundation?

The coodo vision is to have as little impact on nature as possible. For this reason, we recommend a screw foundation instead of a conventional foundation. More information at: https://stopdigging.de

How does the coodo get onto my property?

coodos are almost mobile, so they can be transported to your site by ship, truck or heli and placed on the prepared foundation with a crane. The transport company takes care of route planning and obtains permits if needed. Upon request, we or one of our licensed partners will connect you with an experienced transportation partner.

How much does the transport of a coodo cost?

The transport costs depend on the distance between the production site and the property and the situation on site. If more than one coodo is transported, the installation and transport costs may be lower. Upon request, we will be happy to connect you with experienced service providers.

Will the coodo fit in a container ship?

Although coodos are larger than the standard container sizes, they can still be transported by ship. Your licensee will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

How is the coodo installed?

The coodo is delivered with all connections and detailed installation instructions, which allow professionals on site, such as certified electricians, plumbers and carpenters, to connect the coodo.

Is a coodo mobile?

Just as the coodo is delivered, it can also be moved to another location. To do this, it must be uninstalled, i.e. disconnected from water, sewage and electricity, and then reinstalled on a new site.

Are coodos stackable?

coodos are offered in different variants as modular individual solutions and are not stackable. However, we can construct special solutions at extra cost. A double-decker version with which you can double your living square metres is in development.

What does modular mean with the coodo?

The special feature and major advantage of the coodo is its modularity: two coodo 32s become one coodo 64, and the coodo 96 is the combination of three 32 coodos. In this way, the coodo can grow or shrink as required.

Can the interior of the coodo be modified?

Yes, in the coodo pure only the bathroom, technical room and the position of the switches are defined and cannot be moved for technical reasons. For the rest of the interior design, individual solutions can be implemented. You can choose between the variants: 1. pure, 2. with integrated bathroom, 3. with integrated kitchen, 4. with furniture. The furnishing objects are provided at discounted prices by our exclusive brand partners. The coodo fabulous version is furnished by a renowned designer. With the various packages, you can set individual flair to your coodo.

What is included in the scope of delivery of the kitchen?

The kitchen area includes all necessary installations such as water/sewage connection, ventilation, and lighting. In addition, you will receive a high-quality kitchen unit designed by SieMatic exclusively for coodo – an absolute design sensation!

What is included in the scope of delivery of the bathroom?

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is also fully equipped and furnished to a high standard of quality with all fittings, shower, WC, washbasin, cupboard, mirror and lighting. The coodo brand partner LAUFEN from Switzerland ensures a perfectly formed design.

Is it possible to order a living version with complete furnishings?

You can choose between a number of furnishing packages to completely furnish your own personal coodo. Your licensee will be able to provide more information.


How is the coodo heated?

This is dependent on the production. Please contact your licensee for more information on the heating and cooling systems of coodos in your region.


Is the coodo self-sufficient?

That is also possible. We are developing the SSU, the self-sustaining unit, which can generate its own energy and is therefore independent.


What security systems does a coodo have?

A smart home security system is being developed by our smart home partner.

What solutions are available for light, heat and privacy protection?

It is not a problem to attach sun protection solutions outside and also inside. The coodo sun also offers an integrated pergola with integrated sun protection.

Is there a coodo guarantee?

The standard warranty is five years on fixed parts and two years on moving part. Do contact your licensee for region-specific warranties.

What documentation will I receive with my coodo?

Together with your coodo, you will receive full documentation on how your coodo was built and what materials were used. Your licensee will also provide you with an operating and maintenance manual.

Is there an after-sales service?

Of course, our licensees are also your contact persons after delivery of the coodo and support you with your concerns.