Mark Dare Schmiedel

Captain of the Universe, CEO

We at LTG Lofts to go, want to set an example by constructively exerting an influence on society, that eco- logical and sustainability demands are not contradictory to design and comfort, rather they can be connected harmonically through innovation.

Jens Rosenthal

Captain of Earth, General Director

The world is reinventing itself

That’s a good thing, and it also applies to tourism: proximity is becoming exotic, people don’t want to fly far to experience something special. Maybe you have to work in a permanent home office and combine that with a holiday. Distance is the order of the day, but at the same time people long for closeness – to nature and to people. We stay mobile, but please use e-energy and without harming the environment unnecessarily. With coodo universes, we provide the infrastructure to make the trends of our time immediately liveable.

Ali Emir Özbilen

Commander of Architecture & Design

Ali is passionate about design and architecture.

It is important for him to work for a firm with values of details, human scale and concept design and because of that he is very happy to be part of the LTG Lofts to go-family. His view of architecture has always included sustainability, importance to the details and innovation.


Klaus Schierbeck

Commander of Administration

Klaus couldn’t let the opportunity to be a part of the coodo story pass after Mark introduced him to his vision for coodo. Luckily Klaus can resort on many years of experience in financing and controlling.


Catharina Schmiedel

Commander of Interior Design

Catharina has turned her hobby into a profession – her soft spot for colours, shapes and materials.