coodo gives trends start-up support

“Everything flows.” The Greek philosopher Heraklid bequeathed this sentence to us. And it is no less true today than it was then, around 500 years before Christ. That everything is in motion and constantly changing may worry some. But for the desire to make the world a better place for people and nature, change is essential. There is always room for improvement when it comes to doing things better: for example, conserving natural resources instead of wasting them more and more. Sometimes you need a crisis to accelerate the flow of things and you need products that help jump-start an important development: coodos.

Proximity becomes exotic

With Corona, people learned to love their immediate surroundings again: the Baltic instead of the Mediterranean, the Harz instead of the Alps, the Mecklenburg Lake District instead of Marrakech. As early as 2019, every third trip was domestic, and the proportion continued to rise – even more so now. This trend is program for coodo: The first coodo universe will open in Germany, the second in Denmark. More to follow: 20, 50, 100 coodos in the most beautiful places in Germany and Europe. Since they only need a screw foundation, they do not seal any natural surfaces. Delivered ready-to-use, there is no need to fear any additional impact on the environment from construction work on site, for example from construction vehicles. Equipped with solar panels, they become self-sufficient energy producers and enable what we want most: to go on vacation in harmony with nature.

Experience something special

If you don’t wander into the distance, then the accommodation itself should be the “special” one. Unique accommodations have always been popular, says Airbnb Manager Kathrin Anselm: castles, tree houses, sleeping bins, tiny houses, houseboats. Houseboats are very popular for 2021. To be on the water for yourself, away from the crowds, anchor and be at home everywhere. coodo recognized this trend early on and can of course also offer a water coodo. As beautiful in design as the land variants, so unique due to the full glazing on one side, through which you can enjoy the beauty of the lakes and rivers from your armchair.

work & vacation: workation

Up to 60 percent of employees worked from home during the lockdown months and beyond. Mobile working enables new freedom of travel. Why not go to the seaside with the family and do a remote office from there? When the WiFi is available – and that’s in the coodo – then the modular houses offer the ideal conditions to combine leisure and work. Or just to escape your own four walls. Coodos can also be used as co-working spaces – mobile and modular, they adapt flexibly to the needs of the user.

Luxury privacy

Luxury privacy “In the past” you went to the spa, to the sauna, the whirlpool, maybe for a massage, if you wanted to treat yourself to something. Under the new hygiene regulations, this is possible somehow and when, and yet it is no longer so carefree when the scent of disinfectants in the spa is more like aroma oils. Everyone can enjoy their “private spa” in the coodo universes. The coodo itself can be converted into a sauna, massage, yoga or meditation room. Individual coodos in the coodo universe will also have hot tubs where you can have wellness fun in privacy.

On the go with E.

Low-carbon travel has seen a welcome boom with the restriction of air travel. The bicycle, especially the e-bike, is one of the winners of the crisis. More than 3.2 million bicycles and e-bikes were sold in the first half of 2020 – an increase of 10 percent. New bike paths have emerged and you don’t want to do without your bike when you’re on holiday. LTG Lofts to go equips its coodo universes with e-bikes and e-cars. A “last mile service” ensures that guests can arrive by train – and that their own car can also take a vacation. Mobility is at coodo E.

Be there digitally

LTG Lofts to go understands digitization as a tool that should be fun and simplify things. Booking an overnight stay, for example, after taking a close look at it during a virtual tour. Or participation in a coodo universe, which is made possible with tokens via a blockchain. Everyone can become a hotelier with little or no capital and acquire shares in a coodo or a coodo universe.