The Hamburg/Tallinn based tiny-house company LTG Lofts to go has found the ideal partner for the
production of its coodos in the modular construction specialist and market leader from Denmark,
Scandi Byg. Based in Løgstør near Aalborg, the unique oval-shaped modular houses are being built
in a sustainable way.

LTG Lofts to go from Hamburg/Tallinn and Scandi Byg are now pursuing the same goal, to produce
large quantities of complete houses inclusive of the bathroom and kitchen and ready for delivery in
one place in a sustainable manner. The 24 to 72 square meter coodos are made of Douglas fir
wood. A leader in sustainable construction in Denmark, Scandi Byg sources the wood exclusively
from sustainable suppliers. The CEO of Scandi Byg Christian Halken sees in the cooperation with
coodo an opportunity to set new standards for the serial construction of modular houses for the
benefit of the customer and nature: “ We are very happy that we have entered into a framework
agreement with LTG Lofts to go. It is a very exciting project that really speaks to the future of
sustainable construction/buildings and lifestyle and while utilising our own modular constructions. At
the same time, it is a very different product than our own modules so we are looking forward to dive
into these mobile living-solutions and get yet another exciting product on the shelf.”

LTG Lofts to go CEO Mark Dare Schmiedel is pleased that coodo serial production is picking up
speed just in time for the brand launch in April: “We can now deliver a large number of coodos in a
short period of time completely independent of the weather, and at the same time see our high
standards of quality and sustainability fully met.” This is also important for customers who want to
use the coodo as their own home, second home, holiday residence, extra room, office or as an
exhibition space. LTG Lofts to go aims to deliver over 1000 coodos by 2023, including for the
planned “coodo universes” with more than 100 coodos in northern Germany, Scandinavia and

The coodos from LTG Lofts to go are available in sun, earth (wood) and moon (white). They can
grow by connecting several modules together and they are mobile as they can be moved by truck
and installed by crane. They are available in different finishes from “pure” to “fabulous” so that the
future owner can also include their individual preferences.

Scandi Byg is a subsidiary in one of Denmark’s largest entrepreneurial groups MT Højgaard
Holding and is the largest supplier of industrially manufactured modules for homes, offices,
institutions, schools and research and laboratory facilities for professional private and public
customers. Scandi Byg is also a leader in sustainable buildings.