Here at LTG Lofts to go we strive for perfection. In order to make coodo the leading product in the market of prefab and modular homes, we are constantly working on new projects to help us accomplish that goal. Below is a brief overview of our ongoing projects.

Self-Sustainability Unit – SSU

We are intensively working on our Self-Sustainability Unit – the SSU. With this unit you will be able to generate your own energy and warm your water via photovoltaic and solar panels. Plus you will always have clean water available thanks to the integrated water treatment plant.

Stay tuned for our updates on our blog.

hydraulic legs

We are working on hydraulic legs for all coodo modules and versions so that it is even easier to lift, transport and relocate your coodo. Controlled via an app, the coodo will be lifted within minutes into the perfect height to be placed on a truck. And off you can go!

coodo 18_movable-1

swap trailer

We are working on a swap-trailer concept for the coodo. With this system you will be able to transport your coodo from one place to another or if need be, use it as a permanent foundation for your coodo.The swap-trailer system will make you even more flexible.