future plans

Our intention from the start was to develop a product with endless possibilities, and coodo is just that product.
No matter what use you may have in mind, a coodo will definitely fill that role.
Below are some of the ways we have envisioned the coodo to be used in the future.

coodo UP

The coodo UP is a great solution to have a coodo double -decker with one or two coodo units plus pergola, if wanted, placed on top to have a great view of the surrounding area.

After already producing one coodo UP for a client in Milan, Italy, we are currently concentrating on the coodo 32 and coodo 24 series to develop the best coodo possible.

Stay tuned via our blog to get the latest news about the coodo UP.

water coodo

May we present to you our water coodo. This was the first creation after LTG Lofts to go was founded. Originally placed in Berlin, Rummelsburger Bay, this water coodo was later converted into a normal coodo 32 and was placed in Hamburg at the Garten von Ehren.

As mentioned above, we are currently concentrating on perfecting the main coodo series and go on from there.

Stay tuned via our blog to get the latest news about the water coodo.


sleep coodo

In our early developmental stages, we created the sleep coodo – our version of a cheap and portable sleeping space. Unfortunately since then the idea has been in stagnation but it will be the first project we will pick up. We have a lot of use cases in mind where a sleep coodo could fit perfectly someones needs or complete another concept.

Stay tuned via our blog to get the latest news about the sleep coodo.

sauna coodo

We planned and produced the coodo 9 in grey. The wooden, 9 square meters version was build in Estonia on the island of Saaremaa. It was a unique unit due to its construction as a sauna. First being a showroom to this unique design, the sauna coodo later was sold to Lieblinglingsplatz in 2018 in St. Peter-Ording, Germany.

Stay tuned via our blog to get the latest news.