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Hi, we are the coodo team and we want to introduce you to our founder Mark. Listen to his inspiring story of the birth of the coodo:

“Six years ago, I lived in the diverse and densely populated Berlin-Mitte, which is downtown Berlin. Then I moved 20-minutes away closer to the river, only to realize how much more my well-being had improved. However, the greatness of this realization was yet to be discovered!

I just wanted to be close to nature, so I started to explore the region around Berlin’s vicinity. Much to my amazement, I discovered Europe’s largest network of inland waterways stretching up to 180 kilometers of navigable canals and 1.700 bridges, all set in a glorious landscape boasting dense forests, rich meadows, and terrific views!

Gradually, the idea of an innovative way of living dawned upon me: Why can’t we have mobile houses that can be placed on solid ground or even on water? Which seamlessly blends into their surroundings and can be utilized as a weekend home as well as a permanent residence. Wouldn’t that be great?

I was certain that a life closer to nature has a positive result on everybody, and I wanted to make it accessible for all people. I, being curious, took up the challenge and dug deeper. Finally, I discovered the outstanding work of Slovenian architects, who had already put a lot of thought into the principles of mobile living. Consequently, I founded LTG Lofts to go, which later bought the rights and started to work with a small team to develop the fundamentals of the mobile living industry.

Apparently, we stirred a sleeping market. Promptly we realized there were so many people out there waiting for the coodo. Currently we are offering four coodo versions for numerous occasions and purposes. Also the diverse possibilities for placing coodos are almost infinite.

Our work is far from done, as this is just the beginning. We are working with great motivation on new technologies and innovations like smart home solutions and integrating any other IoT gadgets. Sustainability is super important to us. We are in the last stages of developing our Self-Sustainability-Unit (SSU) to make the coodos self-sufficient and off-grid-ready. Everything is being driven by the coodo philosophy to relieve stress by being close to nature and enjoying the minimalistic approach of living.

We even started to be successful with it. The jury of the AAP Amercian Architecture Award recognised our ambitions and visions and thus honored LTG Lofts to go with the AAP American Architecture Award 2017.

Apart from the development of the coodos itself we have some quite inspiring projects running. Soon we will be able to share more about our exciting project coodoshare and we are planning several coodoresorts in different parts of the world.

Altogether, we chase our dream of a stress-free life and living close to nature and it is turning more and more into a reality – for us, for you, for everybody. One single coodo unit itself isn’t the largest unit out there, we know. But it can have a huge impact.


Hamburg, 15.08.2018

Mark Dare Schmiedel

a perfect combination

Mark Dare Schmiedel

CEO & Founder

Mark loves to communicate and to network. He is passionate about bringing people, their talents and ideas together to realise new projects. Mark leaves his footprints in topics he’s fascinated about: Media and Architecture/Design.

Early, during his apprenticeship as a certified bank clear, Mark realized that he would rather sell the bank building instead of stocks and bonds. Thus, in 1992, he started his real estate career by establishing branches of Engel & Völkers in Bavaria. In his first year he tripled the turnover.

In 1997 he expanded his field of expertise to the media industry and excelled as an assistant show producer at CNN in New York, for “Bizz Buzz” on CNNfn.

When he returned to Germany, he applied his know-how to a variety of clients, as an independent media advisor. In this capacity, he developed customer relationship management (CRM) systems, as well as strategic marketing communications.

He founded the MSM Marketing agency, with offices in Munich and Hamburg and managed acquisition and distribution transactions for various media clients.

In 2000, Mark opened another office in Berlin, where he focused on consulting for the flourishing internet industry. Simultaneously, he organized a series of popular events for both public and private clients and conceptualized one of the first cross-media television talent shows by the name of Screentalents.

Screentalents was bought shortly after, by a subsidiary of United Visions.

Since then Mark considers designing, an interplay of communication between brands, media and distribution, as his professional forte.

In 2006, Mark co-founded “Berlincalling”, one of the first interactive IT-database platforms, that enabled independent video artists and producers to promote and sell their content to aggregators and consumers. The platform was soon bought by Aperto, a subsidiary of Scholz & Friends.

His passion for buildings re-aroused while he was building his own home at the Rummelsburg Bay in Berlin. The idea for a new project was born: A home, in the middle of nature, for living and working, combined with mobility, design and sustainability. Why not create a living space, which could combine all of those demands of a modern society in one single structure?

In October 2012 Mark founded LTG Lofts to go GmbH & Co. KG to make his idea come true. With LTG he sets benchmarks in the way we live and work. He creates user-centred products with the advantage for the customers to use their spare time more efficiently: He knows that sustainability starts in the mindset of people. The more balanced they are, the more they will achieve for their environment.

The improved coodo also won the AAP American Architecture Prize 2017.

Nina Hopf

Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

When Nina was offered the position of Personal Assistant to our Managing Director at LTG Lofts to go in the summer of 2019, she did not hesitate to get directly involved. Since then she has been actively assisting and supporting us in client services, back office and human resource management with our ever-growing team. She is fascinated by coodo as a product and cannot wait to see the first coodos of the new generation spread in all corners of the world.
During her training as an office clerk qualifying in Debt Collection/ Foreclosure, Nina quickly realised that she had much more fun organising and managing HR during her time in Human Resources than collecting debts.
After successfully passing her training and working for a few years in the company, Nina decided to complete her training as a HR specialist.
She then moved to the HR department of Kühne und Nagel (AG & Co.) KG at the headquarters in the HafenCity Hamburg, one of the largest international freight forwarders and looks after around 1,300 employees throughout Germany.
Nina loves to stay up to date with state-of-the-art technology and digitisation, which is perfectly in line with LTG's philosophy. Especially the topic of IoT (Internet of Things) where she is constantly tracking the updates. Nina and the team are excited by what the future has in store for coodo.

Klaus Schierbeck

Finance & Accounting

Klaus couldn’t let the opportunity to be a part of the coodo story pass after Mark introduced him to his vision for coodo. Luckily Klaus can resort on many years of experience in financing and controlling.

After completing his studies of economics Klaus worked in many different industries where he always had management positions. For example he participated in the FMCG sales business and worked as an authorized IT salesman for IBM. For many years Klaus Schierbeck also supervised doctors and dentists in the field of fee accounting and factoring. This sharpened Klaus’ knowledge and skills regarding this specific field. Until mid-2017 he had the position of the CEO of the BFM Bundesverband Factoring für den Mittelstand eV in Berlin.

Now as a part of the LTG Lofts to go team Klaus takes care of the financing and accounting of the company. Not only because of his knowledge and skills in his field but also because of his calm and relaxed personality Klaus is a valuable and beloved part of the team.

Macarena PEZ

Design & Engineering

Macarena could not reject the opportunity to join the LTG Lofts to go team, when she was offered a position as a building engineer in January 2017.

She had previously finished her studies in both technical architecture and industrial design in Valladolid (Spain) -her hometown- and had gained excellent, international work experience in global companies such as IKEA and LIX pen.

After few months living in Brussels, she moved to the vibrant city of Berlin, where she fell in love with Germany. Her new hometown, Hamburg, “is being one of the most exciting experiences” she has ever lived -she confesses.

Being absolutely essential in the team, she is playing a key role in the conception and design of coodos.

Taking care of the environment was always one of her main principles. Therefore she is completely determined to keep “coodo always state of the art in ecological lifestyle combined with the latest technologies, always one step ahead”.

Jona Marku

Architecture & Engineering

Jona is passionate about sustainable buildings. She is interested in continuing to develop quality, efficiency and sustainability. As an architect and civil engineer, she acts as a valuable bridge between professionals. She takes on new challenges with great enthusiasm and simply loves seeing the finished result.

Her passion and enthusiasm for architecture developed even more after joining the worldwide leading architecture company Foster + Partners, in London and the prestigious Scandinavian company Henning Larsen, in Munich. She ensures sustainable use of resources to protect the environment and believes that outstanding and sustainable designs can make the world a better place.

She completed her studies in Civil Engineering in Ljubljana and Architecture in Copenhagen. However, her ambitions didn’t stop here: during her studies she attended a summer school in Green Building Solutions in Zurich and an exchange program in Urban Planning in Milan. Moreover, she likes being up-to-date with the newest trends in sustainability and technology, which led her to joining LTG.

Besides meeting new cultures, exploring new cuisines and spending time in nature, Jona enjoys helping. She was raised by a family where charity was valued. She volunteered for non-profitable organizations like UNICEF, Caritas and Buddies for Africa, where together with her friends she designed and built schools for children in need in Congo.

Kazi Alam

Energy Engineering

The newest edition of the coodo team, Kazi, is our Energy Engineering with competencies in several technical fields. Kazi is motivated to develop a climate-resilient coodo implementing latest passive design strategies ensuring comfortable and healthy living condition.

As a sustainable energy engineer, he is committed to build a harmonious relationship between nature and technology. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United Kingdom and a master’s degree in Sustainable energy systems from Austria. He has experiences on several European Union funded project focused on developing energy-efficient façade and lighting design.

Kazi believes that nature is the best treasure of knowledge humans could ever have. No matter how technically advanced humans become, nothing beats the comfortable experience while exploring nature. Inspired by this idea, Kazi devotes his time to explore the beauty of nature from east to west for his commitment to bringing harmony between nature and technology.

George Robinson

Business Development

Originally from the land Down Under, George is our new Business Development Manager here in Hamburg. He brings a wide range of skills and experiences to LTG Lofts to go, having worked in various industries such as market research, account management, finance, insurance etc. He will be in charge expanding the company by setting up new clients, licensees and productions.

George acquired his degree in Economics in the University of Sydney with majors in both resource/environmental economics and statistics. Through his education and having lived in multiples cities throughout his life, he understands the concerns of overcrowding and environmental issue and the increasing demand for flexible working and living space. He is inspired by the simplicity of coodo as a solution while still being modern, sustainable and environmental friendly.

George has always been a globetrotter, taking time to travel and gaining new experience overseas while having a particular interest in different cultures, languages and people. Since his arrival in Germany, he has already visit more than 10 countries in Europe and plans to expand that list further.

Lara Hesselbarth

Marketing & Brand

With the new year 2019 and the new office, also new colleague Lara joined us as Marketing Manager.

She is enthusiastic about our product and its philosophy.

Besides the job, Lara does her B.A. Marketing studies at the IUBH in distance learning.

Following her apprenticeship as a saleswoman for marketing communications, Lara joined Jung von Matt in Hamburg, Germany’s most successful advertising agency, where she managed both nationally and internationally well-known brands such as OBI, Tchibo and moovel, Daimler’s mobility unit.

Then Lara fulfilled her lifelong dream and went on a world trip for nine months. Already before her return, she knew: “it doesn’t work like that”.

The topic of sustainability as well as the protection of the climate and the oceans from pollution is very important to her after what she saw around the world, not only privately, but also professionally.

Lara will continue to shape and strengthen the coodo brand, and also, will do everything possible to cooperate to make coodo more environmental friendly.

“A great feeling to make a positive contribution to tomorrow and our world with the coodo.“, says Lara.

Fahd Amin

Content & Online Management

The youngest member of our team, Fahd, as a student trainee, is responsible for maintaining and updating the coodo website as well as the coodo blog and our social media accounts
Fahd joined the LTG Lofts to go team because he fell in love with the sleek, modern look of the coodo and more importantly for what it stands for – a smart and sustainable future. Fahd is passionate to help the LTG lofts to go team make this green future a reality.
Alongside his job at LTG Lofts to go, Fahd is also completing his Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Hamburg and wishes, in the future, to pursue a career in marketing and research.

the philosophy

Soaking in the stillness, you watch the sun climb over the horizon. Nothing is ringing, beeping or blinking. Nobody bothers you. You can actually finish a thought. Or a dream. Or do nothing at all. Seems a bit strange, at the beginning. But after a while, you will get into it. Find yourself watching a brave little beetle stumble through a jungle of grass.

Follow the shadows of high clouds silently passing over the landscape and then across yourself. All you can hear is tranquility —the singing of the birds, the swaying of the trees. Somewhere, someone is laughing. About what? You don’t know, you don’t care. Which is the best thing about it, anyway.

Follow the shadows of high clouds as they silently pass. You do not have to care about so much all the time.

happy testimonials

For many events of ours, the modular and variable event coodos present the ideal solution, since we were looking for a high-quality concept that could be extended – or reduced in size – at any time.

Norbert SchrofnerHead of Event and Sports Marketing at Audi

Over the last two years, we have improved the flood protection of our buildings in Wangen near Dübendorf to higher standards. Accordingly, the landscaping had to be modified as well as re-designed. This opportunity to improve our site overall, included the installation of the new coodo, the first of its kind in Switzerland. coodo stands for an independent, mobile loft ambiance with immediate access to its natural surroundings. The coodo is both a roof over one´s head outside of our buildings, and a place of rest, a retreat for contemplation as well as meaningful conversation. Dynamic work environments require new and innovative methods and practices. This means more space for innovation and creativity, in balance with local resources. I am therefore very pleased to have a coodo at our site and about its instant popularity here. We are currently in winter-mode . . . and I am honestly very excited about the spring-mode . . . not to mention summer in and around our coodo!

Daniel WederCEO – Skyguide