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Status 2019 Q1

By 30. April 2019 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

2018 was an exciting year for coodo. We sold the first modular event coodos to Audi, which could be seen in places such as the Formula E, CEBIT, the Kieler Woche and most recently the BUGA Heilbronn, as well as Munich Airport. This journey through Germany was only possible due to the flexibility, modularity and mobility of the coodo.

In the first quarter of this year we focused on the development of new prototypes, which will be produced by production facilities in New York City – United States, Krakow – Poland and Denmark. Afterwards these facilities will start with the serial production.

In addition we are currently negotiating with potential production companies in Asia and South Africa.

A remarkable new development for the coodo is the cooperation with Sensorberg from Berlin, who will fully equip coodos with Smart-Home sensors. This will be especially useful for resort operators: Here everything can be controlled with SaaS (Software as a Service) from a coodo app. We aim to release coodos with Smart-Home functions in July.

Our engineers are constantly working on ways to make coodo even more efficient, more outstanding and sustainable. For example, we now offer the event coodo with single- double- or triple glazed glass walls. Since double and triple glazed walls offer excellent isolation the heating costs of the unit are massively reduced.

At the same time our units become increasingly lighter (And with that more mobile and more suitable for rooftops). We have more information to share with you about that in the near future.

We are about to complete the work on the SSU. SSU stands for Self-Sustainability Unit, which makes it possible to convert a coodo into a completely off-grid solution, i.e. detached from all networks. The unit works completely off-grid because electricity is generated by photovoltaics and rain is filtered into fresh drinking water. With the SSU you are completely in harmony with nature.

We produced the first prototype with hydraulic legs, which you can control with the app. The only thing you need then is a swap trailer and you’re ready to go.

The young year 2019 already brought a great development for us: we won a new licensee. Mussholm Living A/S will henceforth be the main contact for every Danish resident who, like us, has fallen in love with the minimalist design of the coodo. Further licensing negotiations with partners in France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, South Korea and the aforementioned South Africa are in progress. You see, we are working continuously to bring coodos to all corners of the world. On our map you can see which licenses are still available.

We’re thankful for all the interest, the emails, calls and inquiries which show us that coodo meets the zeitgeist and inspires you. Full of motivation, we look into the year 2019! With the help of new licensees and productions at our side we will provide you more coodos than ever. With this in mind:

Kudos to you

Best regards,

Team coodo