Status 2018

Thank you for all your fantastic responses from all over the world! Due to the mass of reactions we decided to concentrate on the license market so only sell in a few cases like recently for Audi ourselves. As we cannot handle all inquiries from all over the world, we want to give licensees the chance to operate in other regions/countries.

The number of licensees is growing and we will add them to our map. So you’ll be able to see which license is still available or already gone. The license for the UK already is taken and now parts of the US are following as well as the Caribbean.

coodo 24 and coodo 32 will be produced in Portugal, Poland, the UK and USA (and Asia soon).

We’ve also finished constructing a modular system so that you can order an S, M and L version like in the event coodo case (see here). So a coodo 24 unit for example can be multiplied to a 48 and 72 unit and a coodo 32 unit can be multiplied to a 64 and 96, all due to the modular system. The coodo number also designates the living area of the specific coodo in squaremetres.

  • The 24 will also be available with a hydraulic lifting system, that makes the usage of a crane obsolete.
  • Every coodo version – inspite the 24 due to the size a SSU needs – (for the 24 and other cases needed we have an own SSU prepared) will be available with an integrated Self-Sustainability Unit (SSU) soon. With the SSU you will be able to live off-grid almost wherever you want. We are currently working on it and will present the first prototype by the end of this year.
  • Since LTG Lofts to go is a licensing business, we only sell coodos in special cases by ourselves, for all other countries please contact your local licensee when he’s appearing on the map.
  • We are constantly looking for new production- and distribution partners if you are interested please get in touch via our contact page.

Thank you for the thousands of Emails and video calls! We are happy to receive all your comments and learn about your interests and visions for our coodos.

Please note, that due to all the emails it can take some time for us to reply. We are glad if we and our licensees can help you realize your dream with our coodos hopefully in the near future.

Kudos to you

Best Regards,

Team coodo