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Smart coodos: Sensorberg digitizes coodos from LTG

Berlin, April 16, 2019 – The Berlin-based PropTech Sensorberg and the Malta-based LTG Lofts to go provider of mobile living units called coodo are starting a cooperation: Sensorberg is equipping the LTG residential units designed in modular construction with its Smart Living technology. Users of the coodos will be able to control numerous functions via their smartphone in the future. For this purpose, Sensorberg installs the corresponding hardware and also provides the necessary software for the control in the form of an app. Among other things, they can regulate access to the coodo or individual rooms as well as light, temperature, sockets, blinds and music. As part of the cooperation, Sensorberg is digitizing two coodo prototypes in Poland and the US, which will be released for sale from June 2019. Additional production sites and licensees will follow during the year. A series production of additional objects is planned for 2020.

LTG’s mobile housing units are available in various designs. The modular system allows individual units to be combined and extended at any time. For example, complete residential buildings or compact holiday homes can be built as needed. The units can also be used as conference rooms, event areas or pop-up stores. With their standardized dimensions, they are easy to transport, giving their users the ability to easily put them up and down in different locations.

Sensorberg CEO Michael von Roeder says: “The changing needs in today’s world of life and work result in new product requirements. coodo stands for a new form of living and working, which allows maximum flexibility and a high degree of individualization due to the location independence. In that sense, our technology is the perfect complement to the smart coodos. Because it turns every single coodo into a completely networked room, which works independently of location and can be controlled via the smartphone in a completely uncomplicated way. For example, users can turn on the heating while they are on the move before they get home. ”

LTG Managing Director Mark Dare Schmiedel adds: “In addition to flexibility and an attractive design, we focus on high user comfort. This is further increased by the installation of Sensorberg technology. Because through the developed app, all functions can be controlled centrally. Several isolated solutions for different functions are thus superfluous.”

In addition to the coodo users, the owners and operators of the properties also benefit. With features such as digital access, permissions for third parties, such as craftsmen or cleaning staff, can be easily and securely managed: ideal for e.g. resorts.

Picture 1: Sensorberg equips the coodos from LTG with Smart Living technology.

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Picture 2: Users of the coodos will be able to control numerous functions via their smartphone in the future.

Credits picture 1: Arnt Haug
Credits Figure 2: LTG Lofts to go