coodo is mobile living

A coodo is what you want it to be. It means to have possibilities. Let us inspire you and use it …


We have a smart home system already installed, so you can steer the Unit’s shutters and the lights f.e. from your smart phone.


Expand, move, rent, sublet, buy, sell: There are many possibilities with a coodo even to move onto certain areas wich are only possible for mobile houses because of buiding regulations


The coodo’s modular design allows you to expand its living space by simply connecting one or more additional units to your current coodo.


Live in or close to locations that you desire and relocate whenever you want, maintaining the comfort and familiarity of your home.


coodo’s design and construction minimize energy consumption by utilizing energy efficient systems and building materials.

The luxury of enough

It’s not about more, more, more. It’s about good, good, good.

A coodo, simply put, is a frame with nicely rounded corners stabilizing sturdy walls constructed of heavy glass. Its  heating, cooling and power systems are all neatly concealed within the flooring, ceiling, and inner walls of the unit. With your selected model, you choose from different options, and we install it. After all, you’re not buying a coodo  to trifle with the little details, but to enjoy the bigger picture. The architects who created the coodo know this, and  went above and beyond to create a simple product that  is practical, beautiful and good. You choose your colors, fabrics, and details and let us do the rest. So when you move in, everything matches  everything else. And everything matches you. Now your new life can begin.

Living without borders

Do help us spread the message that life is mobile and modular and press the “Share” button on the upper right corner of the clip; mobile living is here-to-go!
Here you see a coodo being transported from a truck and then expanding from a 32 into a 32 with Pergola into a 64 and then a 96 with Pergola and finally a 64Up living&office, our hybrid version. Most of them coming soon. Right now we are producing and delivering already coodo 9’ers and 32’s (with Pergolas).

A focus on details

Easy to transport

Low cost moving your coodo

Go green!

coodo is environmentally friendly

Triple/double glazing

Passive house standards are used

Better Insulation

High-end materials give best results

Always fresh air

Adaptable system for optimal comfort

Smart installations

Access your house via phone or tablet


LTG values ecological as well as economical efficiency and sets out to offer a series of coodoshare concepts: “You share, we care”.
Why should we not share our work or living space and their costs with likeminded individuals in our social network?
Because, those who share do not only save money, but allow other persons, friends, family and acquaintances, to take part in their enjoyment of life. Such synergies can be created by a coodo purchase as, for example, tenants in common.

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