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In this section we will try to answer some of your most burning questions. It’s all about the coodo here. Its ordering process, the units themselves including their figures, the delivery and much more.

If there is something still not clear to you, please visit our contact page and leave us a message.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

the product


The prices for a coodo vary depending on your territory and currency. For your pricelist please contact us via the contact form and leave us a message.

Technical Specifications

For more information and details visit the specifications page. Click here.


How sustainable is a coodo?

Sustainability is very important to us. coodo minimizes the environmental impact and we always look for sources of renewable energy. All the coodos are respectful with the environment and are efficient in the use of resources.

Among other things, we are using passive and active housing standards as design and construction guides. Almost all our materials are recyclable. We are constantly researching new technologies and designs, so our houses are optimized and technologically up­dated. We are currently fulfilling Passive House Standards and our main objective is to be 100% self-sustainable and without environmental pollution. Self-sustaining units (SSU) are already be­ing developed and will ensure total independence. Soon they can be ordered with solar panels, electric generators and/or small wind turbines.


LTG wants to give the customer the freedom to make their unit unique by allowing them to customise it according to their own needs and wishes. We offer different types of mobile homes, which differ in size and equipment and two different leisure units – pergola and pavilion:

First, the outside looks differ coodo in two editions: white is aluminium and reinforced plastic, grey is wood. According to its size, coodo is available in two different lengths (7,40 or 10,50 m) and the client also chooses the depth (1, 2, 3 modules…). According to its function, coodo comes in three versions: Plain, Basic or Full.

coodo has been designed in such a way that it takes advantage of space and optimizes materials to the fullest. Its distribution is designed to make life inside as comfortable as possible, but also to save resources and increase sustainability during execution. coodo works with certain brands and / or suppliers to improve the quality / price ratio, which have a wide variety of products from which the customer can choose. For all this, the customization options are restricted:

– Solar panels on the roof

– Hydraulic legs for coodos formed by a single module

– One or two glass fronts

– Different options for opening doors and windows

– Back wall with possibility of installing windows

– Blinds

– Floor, different finishes to choose.

– Interior finish or paint, white by default, different colors to choose.

– Lighting: the number, type, intensity … can be chosen according to the purpose. Our team recommends clients according to each case.

– Ventilation, heating and air conditioning: as the coodo can be installed almost anywhere, the customer must choose which system is the most convenient, among the different types offered.

– Bathroom:

  • Walls and floor. Different finishes to choose from
  • Sanitaries. We work with the best suppliers, different options can be installed for an additional price

– the interior partition walls, if any, are located in such a way that they assist the structure.

– the kitchen is located in connection with the bathroom pipes, other location TBD.

– number of rooms available according to coodo size.

– Furniture: Interior furnishing combines contemporary design, functionality and premium materials. All the pieces of furniture are designed in a way that they complement each other and form a complete and unified interior. The materials chosen, the furniture systems used, and the appliances integrated are of the highest quality. All furniture is offered, and the customer can choose its arrangement. White matte wood by default.

In cases where a client buys more than 10 coodos, the design team can develop a different distribution according to the client’s needs.

the process

Ordering Process

Getting an offer.

We prepare a binding offer, where all prices and services are listed. That way you can be sure that the offered price is equal to the final price.

How long does it take to get my coodo?

Generally, the production time is about six months after order and down-payment but can vary according to model type, individual options and order volume.
Please contact us for exact timing.


How does the delivery work?

The property must be accessible by truck and crane.

The coodo is delivered ex-works by truck and set-up by crane. Transported with a big load permission. Depending on the type of ground (checked by an expert) a foundation is needed, which has to be provided by the client. We can always assist and recommend depending on the type of foundation chosen.

coodo works with electricity. Plumbing for water and sewage and electric network connections have to be present (if applicable). An existing infrastructure is needed on the property to the coodo can be connected to the existing pipes. If it´s not the case, our SSU (Self Sustainable Unit) is an extra option that is being designed at the moment.

Heating and air- condition work via electricity. The power would depend on the size of the coodo. Optional HVAC system could be provided.

In the case a coodo is to be delivered to a country other than that of production, it shall be delivered without plumbing and electrical connections. Only wires and tubes are present in this case according to customers’ demands. After delivery, local experts (plumbers and electricians) have to do the final work.



You are interested in becoming a licensee in distributing or manufacturing coodos? Then visit our licensee page or get in touch with us directly via our contact form.