Create roofcoodos

We are happy to present a call for proposals in which every creative around the world can participate: It is about making cities more dense with coodos on the roofs! The coodo 24 (see renderings below) is clearly the most suitable because it is so far the most habitable unit of our series that weighs the least (max 5 tons) and it is also probably the most lucrative for the customer due to its price / performance capabilities. Therefore whether you know roofs in Europe on which coodos can be installed (this should be already clarified), send a mail to create(at)loftstogo(dot)com … also if you have any questions! If your idea is new (date of the mail counts), succeeds / we can make it real, you will get 7 percent of that turn over!

We are looking forward to all your e-mails.

Kind regards,

Team coodo

Here you can have a look at some possibilities of chances on roofs in Germany. The study was made by TU Darmstadt and the Pestel Institute: