Coronavirus LTG Lofts to go update

By 3. April 2020 No Comments

We are wishing you, your family and friends safety in this troublesome time. As we all know, the corona virus has spread rapidly and only a few could have fathomed the extent to which it has affected our daily lives. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who are doing their due part in helping control this crises, even if its just socially distancing yourselves, especially the cape-less heroes: Even in a crisis like this, there are people who are risking their life to spare ours, so that we can stay in the comfort of our homes while they do their job and help keep the society and the economy afloat. These are the doctors, garbage collectors, delivery people, grocery store workers, pharmacists and many more.

Going forward and keeping all these heroes in mind, we will try our best to make the coodo even more affordable and within the grasp of everyone.

As for us, we are using this moment to slow down and focus on the small details. We are taking this time to streamline our process and to refine and fine-tune our product, so that when you buy one, it’s a proper product in every sense.

During this time what surprised us were the increase in the number of inquiries that reached us – coodos are seen as one of the favourite ways to avoid masses in the future and build your own refugium.

For now, we know we will all get through this time and appear stronger on the other side. So stay home and stay safe, write us with your questions on our contact form ( as we have more time to answer!

Interesting news coming already in two weeks, the first wooden living Unit is being installed near Copenhagen, see here a first glimpse, will show more pics asap!

Stay strong!

Your coodo team at LTG.