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New Licensee at LTG Lofts to go – Hjertelig velkommen Mussholm Living from Denmark!

New Licensee at LTG Lofts to go – Hjertelig velkommen Mussholm Living from Denmark! From today on we welcome Nicolas Bernhoft, founder and CEO of Mussholm Living A/S to the LTG Lofts to go family.

+++Meteorite hits Munich airport+++

+++Meteorite hits Munich airport+++ And he brought a coodo to earth.

Passion and coorperation – event coodos at the Audi Nines sports event

Passion and coorperation – event coodos at the Audi Nines sports event From the 8th to the 13th of September 2018, the Audi Nines takes place. The event represents the virtue of sport and cooperation.

Have a look at the Audi event coodo video

Have a look at the Audi event coodo video Here’s the new video showcasing the event coodo.

Beaufitul classic cars at the Classic Days Berlin 2018

The ‘‘Classic Days Berlin’’ took place at Kurfürstendamm from the 9th to 10th of June. The iconic event attracted over 2000 exotic and historical old-timer vehicles from all over the world.

Classical models like the Ford Pontiac or iconic vehicles like Opel Manta, there was something for every car enthusiast. The event attracted young and elderly aged car fascinators, driving them towards their passion for cars from Germany and many other European nations. Our partners from Audi displayed one of their most beautiful creations of all time as well. The event coodo highlighted the Audi, acting as a stage for this precious gem. Moreover, they worked hand-in-hand to attract an immense number of visitors and contributing to the huge success of the Classic Days Berlin 2018.



Impressions from Formula E at Berlin Tempelhof


For the 19th of May 2018 LTG Lofts to go GmbH & Co. KG provided AUDI AG with the first event coodos delivered to the Audi e-tron sphere in eVillage at the Formula E Berlin.

The whole event was a huge success, not only that Audi achieved a double victory, the number of visitors was significantly higher and the event experience spoke for itself. Audi event coodos will be seen more often already this year at some other locations. Stay tuned.










event coodos – First presentation of mobile event modules in Berlin

At the Formula E in Berlin on May 19, AUDI AG and LTG Lofts to go GmbH & Co. KG will present the event coodos to the general public for the very first time. With their distinct architecture, the event coodo S (one coodo) and the event coodo M (two coodos) will compose the heart and soul of the “Audi e-tron booth” in the e-village. “For many events of ours, the modular and variable event coodos present the ideal solution,” says Norbert Schrofner, Head of Event and Sports Marketing at Audi. He adds: “…since we were looking for a high-quality concept that could be extended – or reduced in size – at any time.”


As part of Round Nine of the Formula E championship in Berlin on the premises of what used to be Tempelhof Airport, the event coodos will be delivered by truck, unloaded and joined together. As Mark Dare Schmiedel, CEO and founder of LTG Lofts to go, explains: “In this way, the event coodos are immediately deployable, with only a few hours of preparation needed! Their simple and modular structure ensures the company’s organizational freedom. And for another event, the coodos can be re-used, or used in a different combination, for example as an event coodo L (one unit comprising three coodos).”

The retro-futuristic unit spans 10.5 m in length, is 3 m deep and 3.2 m high; it is available in three models S, M, and L. Their robust aluminum-and-steel frame is encased by glass-fiber reinforced plastic that is both weather and UV resistant. The static qualities of each model have been verified by external experts; all models can be hauled by truck.


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